Magic Tricks that get a LAUGH!

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Magic Tricks that get a LAUGH!

We don't always have to perform magic as a super serious and mystical affair. It's not ALWAYS about having a furrowed brow and channeling superhuman powers, is it? Sometimes we want to just have some light-hearted fun. And sometimes we are ALL ABOUT the funnies. (Well, I certainly am. HA!). So if you want to use magic to get some big laughs, here are my personal recommendations for some brilliant (and super easy) great products...

First up, the trick I never leave home without -The Web

This trick is crazy. One of my all time favourites. A small packet of blank cards magically  become printed with spiders webs. Then you offer to show 'how it works'. And let's just say the reveal usually gets a HUGE reaction...

The Web

Ok - I admit it. I am juvenile. And The Peacan is a trick i love to show to my daughter's friends. It always makes me laugh like a loon.


So, what kind of tricks can we have in 'the locker' for when we want to generate some serious laughter?

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  • Robert Festa

    As a fan and customer of Bigblindmedia I’m wondering why you would make another company for easy to do magic instead of just adding an easy to do section to Bigblindmedia? Unless there are different people owning this new company which would make more sense to me. I only ask as I think it’s cheaper/easier to ad on to existing than to start anew. Just curious.

    On a separate note, I love your products. As an example, I am traveling in Thailand for 2 months and I brought only 3 DVD’s to watch when I’m relaxing at our house. Zero Moves vol 2 and 4 and self working card tricks vol 2. Great material on all of them. Thank you for all your work.

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