Fixed Fate

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"This is a hugely powerful routine that requires no skill at all. Your spectator freely deals down to a number THEY choose. The card they stop at is the only one in the deck with an odd coloured back… AND…. AAAAAAAAAND, the number they freely thought of is printed across the back of the card. It hits spectators hard. And then builds and builds in their mind. I have had people call me a few DAYS after seeing this demanding to know how it was possible. WAH-HAHA!"

Comes with Bicycle Deck & DVD Instructions

Effect: The magician hands a blue-backed deck to a spectator, who is then asked to name a random number - let’s say they say, 15. The spectator is asked to turn the deck face up and slowly deal down 15 cards. Every card is clearly different and the spectator stops at the 15th card. Let’s say it is the Ten Of Clubs.

The magician reiterates just how fair this was. The spectator chose a random number. The spectator dealt down to THAT number themselves and ended on a card. Both the chosen number and the chosen card were freely arrived at. The magician shows that, had a different number been named, a different card would have been selected. So that makes it all the more impossible when the Ten Of Clubs is flipped over to reveal that it has a RED BACK! It’s the only card from a different deck. However that isn’t the biggest shock… that would be the huge number 15 written across the back of the card!

* Self-working
* No sleight of hand
* Can be a different card and number every time
* No gaffs or sticky stuff
* Resets in seconds

Fixed Fate - you’ll be blowing away your audiences in no time!

"Fixed Fate is a tremendous effect!" Stephen Tucker

"I just LOVE it!" Jack Carpenter

"A tremendous effect with a surprise ending and with humour thrown in to increase its entertainment value- 10/10' John Teo,