The Butterfly Effect

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"This is a great trick for showing CLEANLY that you are not interfering with the deck. The mixing and dealing is done by your spectator, and it seems IMPOSSIBLE that you're influencing events. But you are. Oh yes, YOU ARE!!"

This awesome new (self-working) effect was blowing people away at this year's Blackpool Convention. Creator Peter Nardi was cornered by a never ending list of magicians all asking to see it. (And all desperately trying to backtrack it and work out the method!). Luckily for us enough people have harrassed Peter and he has finally agreed to release it.

You and your spectator mix the deck. Then the spectator gets to deal through the deck in a totally fair manner. The magician is HANDS OFF. After a veritable cascade of fair handling procedures your spectator lands on ONE card. It matches the prediction that has been in full view from the very start. Sooooooo easy! Soooooo good!

Here's what Peter has to say about 'The Butterfly Effect':

'Around ten years ago I created an effect that I have shared with very few magicians. It’s my go to "magician fooler” and makes a really nice presentation piece to perform for lay people. It uses a regular deck, the process is ultra-fair and the reveal is jaw-dropping ! In 2015 I featured this effect in my lectures and the response was incredible. I have had so many requests to release this to the community and I’m happy to say my good friend Titanas finally convinced me to put my work on the Butterfly Effect on DVD. On this DVD you will learn my complete handling and presentation for the Butterfly Effect as well as some additional ideas I have kept secret for a long time. Not only that but you will also receive two custom printed reveal cards and a printable PDF for my parlour presentation Fate & Free Will. The Butterfly Effect is a self-working masterpiece that you will love performing!'

This gets the highest recommendation from us - it's a really beautiful piece of magic!

"This is a super trick and you will use it." The Magic Portal, Reviewer