DieCipher II

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"This is the kind of trick you want to always have to hand. The props look beautiful. The effect is IMPOSSIBLE. And it's totally self working. The incredible craftmanship of the gimmick does everything for you. You can let your spectator examine everything to their heart's content - they ain't finding NOTHING."

Magic's favorite pocket trick just got better! A brass canister, lid & die are examined. As you look away, a spectator puts the die in the canister, remembers the number on top, & covers with the lid. You turn around, concentrate, then write a number on a piece of paper. The lid is lifted, revealing the number on the die...it matches the prediction! No questions. No fishing. This clever device gives you all the information. Thanks to Chuck Leach's improvement in the design, you no longer need to turn the box over to discern the number. In fact, you don't even need to touch it! Don't confuse Die-Cipher II with the various versions of Mental Die. This is much better! Die-Cipher II tells you the exact number selected!