Look No Hands

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"TV megastar Wayne Dobson could teach ANYONE a thing or two about how to present magic. Want to be funny, engaging and confident? Let Wayne teach you. This DVD is a fabulous collection of totally hands off card tricks. Every trick can be performed without you ever touching the cards!!! YOU. DON'T. TOUCH. THE. CARDS!!!"

Join your hosts Peter Nardi, Michael Sullivan & Gary Jones as they teach 10 amazingly easy to do, Hands Off routines from the devious mind of the brilliant Wayne Dobson. These are all tricks that can be performed almost completely hands free, leaving you to just stand back and take the applause!


Out of my Hands - Wayne’s truly hands off version of Out Of This World
The Sh#t Trick - It could be shot or shut. But it’s actually Sh#t!
Mc Dobson’s Aces - There’s nothing two faced about this trick!
Birthday Card - The practical DIY version of Wayne’s classic
Lucky Card - The world’s most stunning hands off card trick!
Mindray - Make your mind a blank... that was quick!
Sharpie 2 - The show stopping color prediction
Wayneman - Wayne’s hands off version of the Joe Barry classic
Compatability - The regular deck Anniversary Waltz
Best Friends - Tossing coins has never been this much fun!