Mad World - A Hands Off OOTW

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"David Cushing's 'Mad World' is an INSANELY COOL 'Out Of This World'. It is completely hands off. The spectator does everything. Including genuinely SHUFFLING and MIXING the cards. Just think about that for a second... once the spectator is handed the deck you (the magician) NEVER TOUCH THE CARDS AGAIN!! And the deck is always successfully split into red and black. The first time I saw this I FREAKED! 100% fooled!"

The Package contains a nicely printed booklet and a special deck of cards. (Supplied in red backed Phoenix).

Check this out - The magician removes a deck from its case. Half the deck is spread face down onto the table, the other half is spread face up. The two halves are then pushed together by a spectator. To be sure that the cards are thoroughly mixed the spectator is encouraged to flip bunches of cards face up and face down until they are content that the cards are truly mixed.

Two cards (one red, one black) are removed to act as indicator cards for the upcoming demonstration. The spectator is then asked to look at both sides of the mixed up deck in an attempt to take a mental snap shot of the face up, face down condition of the deck.

With the chaos of the deck in mind the spectator begins to deal the deck into two piles in attempt to separate the red cards from the blacks. Without any switching or intervention by the magician the SPECTATOR is asked to turn over each of the two piles. Amazingly they have managed to separate each and every red card from each and every black card!

Note the following:

* From the moment that the spectator is handed the deck the magician need never touch the cards again.

* The cards can genuinely be shuffled IN ANY WAY.

* Every black card is separated from every red card

* No stopping half way through

* The spectator makes every choice

* From the shuffling to the final reveal the magician NEVER touches the deck

* Totally self-working

Comes with bonus handlings