Symbol - ESP Prediction

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"This is a super slick ESP prediction. It fits neatly in your wallet, will fry any spectator, feels ULTRA fair and it is TOTALLY self-working. Brilliant!"

Imagine placing a single envelope onto the table along with six colored ESP cards. Your spectator is asked to roll an imaginary die, they can roll it as many times as they like, change the number as many times as they like and yet the ESP symbol related to the number will match your prediction in the envelope 100%.

Symbol feels ultra-fair and is easy to do (absolutely no funny moves or sleight of hand required).

Everything you need to perform Symbol is contained in the pack including a full in depth training DVD with additional tips and handling by Peter Nardi

Symbol resets instantly and is perfect for both mentalists and magicians.

"This is a very easy piece of mentalism/magic with printed ESP cards that will easily fit in your wallet and be ready to go. " Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine