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"This is the perfect trick to have slipped into your pocket, ready to answer the magicians curse - 'go on, show us something'. All it uses is a small packet of (beautifully designed) photos. You perfectly predict how your spectator is going to use a voodoo doll on their victim. Powerful magic you can present as creepy or cheeky. Your choice!"


You draw a stickman onto a business card to represent a victim, which is left in the hands of a spectator.

An innocent passer by is shown a collection of photos, with voodoo dolls that have pins in various places. The stack of photos is placed aside.

The innocent party is now asked to name someone they wish to direct some 'bad mojo' towards. Let's say they go with 'Gordon'.

They write the name on a piece of paper, and then select one of the photographs at random.

The ritual is now complete, and the chosen photo is turned over - it shows (for example) a voodoo doll with a pin in the left arm.

The paper is touched to a flame to complete the ritual, and the name vanishes in a brilliant flash of fire!

You gingerly turn over the 'victim' - the business card placed aside at the beginning, and show that the stickman now has a serious burn, on the left arm! The innocent party is advised to keep the business card, but warned not to sleep with it under their pillow.


* Handcrafted packaging

* 14 professionally designed and awesome looking photos!

* DVD performance and explanation of Liam's professional routine.

* DVD also includes PDF instructions of the main routine, and LOTS of variations and bonus ideas!

* DVD also includes all of the files to print your own photos!