Wormhole - Signed Card To Pocket

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"Who doesn’t want to make a signed card vanish from the deck and appear in their pocket? That’s a total classic of magic, right? However, it’s usually a challenge as you need to master ‘palming’ a card – and that’s an advanced technique. Wormhole is an utterly brilliant solution to this plot. The ingenious gimmicks make it basically self-working. It’s one of the biggest sellers we have ever had – and once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why."

A SELF WORKING signed card to pocket! - Ali Nouira's WORMHOLE is a face slapping, jaw dropping, eye bulging behemoth of a magic trick.

Two freely selected and signed cards are lost in the deck (you don't even control the cards). You offer to dead cut directly to their selections. You make ONE CUT and show the top card. You missed.
But you know what, that's not surprising is it? Why not? Because after cleanly showing your hands are empty you slowly reach into your back pockets and remove BOTH SIGNED CARDS!!!
A supernaturally miraculous 'Signed Card To Pocket', WORMHOLE is dead easy to do.

No moves (no palms, forces, breaks - NOTHING). The special gimmicks do the work for you.
Hands shown empty at all times.
Regular deck - just add the gimmick and you're ready to rock.
Resets instantly.
No duplicate cards.
Gimmicks easily customizable to any deck design.
Did we mention NO PALMING?