Zodiac Prediction

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"Predicting someone's star sign is a fantastic ice-breaker. It's a plot that mentalist's just love. And Liam Montier has made it self-working. But he didn't stop there. Where most routines are JUST about predicting their star sign, this one goes onto the also show you predicted a freely selected card... AND THEN goes for the juggular when it's revealed that all the other cards they could have chosen from have turned BLANK! Powerful stuff"

An incredible, three phase routine that allows you to predict your spectator's star sign AND selected card.... and then turn the rest of the playing cards blank. All with NO moves or sleight of hand. This is mega commercial magic that anyone can do. It's a keeper!!! :)

"This simple routine packs WAY more punch than I ever expected. It's become a highlight of my lectures!' - Liam Montier

Includes Booklet, Download Video, props and blank cards!


"Liam has expertly layered devious construction with a proven, self-working card placement, and put it in a perfect package. Really commercial just got really easy to do." John Bannon

"This is just the type of effect that's up my street. Self-working but impossible to explain. There's no mucking about at all. You MUST have known their star-sign! Pure Montier magic! Love it!" Dave Forrest

"Liam has taken a great concept and added some brilliant touches to make it a modern classic!" Cameron Francis

"I clocked this trick at awesome mph: that's 1.6 awesomes in metrics." Tomas Blomberg

"Liam has taken a classical card concept and ramped up its use immeasurably! The theme of fortune telling is always captivating and this beautiful presentation, combined with the knockout finish has winner written all over it!" John Carey